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Frantisek AmbrusCO-Producer

Frantisek Ambrus is CEO and executive producer for Puppetworks Animation Studios. After graduating in 2002 with a degree in industrial design from the Slovakian University of Technology, he spent 10 years as a 3D artist in both game development and animation.

In 2008, he turned his passion towards establishing his own studio and since then, teams he led have delivered many high-end commercials, game trailers and animation projects for some of the most prominent brands and IPs in the world. He was also an executive producer for the Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV feature movie where Puppetworks delivered 433 shots from previz
to final render.

Most recently, he has been co-producing Another Day of Life, an art-house movie with a 2017 release as well as seeking financing and co-production partners for other ambitious projects.