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Ferenc Varsanyi Director

Film Director, Screen Writer, Producer, Curator. Throughout his 30-year-career in the entertainment industry, Varsanyi has won multiple awards including a daytime Emmy for his work directing the first 15 episodes of Klasky Csupo’s “Rugrats” and has worked all over the world from Hollywood to Korea to Taiwan to Europe producing and directing major animation projects.

Varsanyi was the technical director 1997 – 2001 of “The Princess and the Pea”, an $8 million feature length project and directed the world TV premier of “Burundis” – full length TV special - in conjunction with BouncyNet Inc and Latin American broadcasting giant, Televisa.

In 2007 he was the animation director of “The Pearl of Desert” (Dubai) a full length animated feature. In 2010 he was the animation director of “Lillifee” a German full length animated feature film.